The second fill for the Newfermenters Barrel Project Cabernet Sauvignon red wine barrel is going to be a Roggenbier and will be filled in early December, 2021.

The first beer aged in this barrel (Bière de Garde) has been noted to have some pleasant, mildly funky brettanomyces notes. We are in the process of having some samples plated to confirm for sure. However, we do expect that this means that brett most likely lives in this barrel now, and it won’t be going anywhere. We expect that the brett character will continue to develop in this beer as well.

Key Dates For Filling

Friday, October 29, 2021
Payment of $15 per participant to be submitted to to secure a spot in the barrel.

The payment helps cover the cost of consumables used in filling, emptying, and maintaining the barrel. It takes a lot of CO2 to flush a barrel, push beer out of 12 kegs into the barrel, and push it back out into kegs at the end. Also things like StarSan, stainless steel nails, etc…

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Approximately the last day to start fermenting and expect primary fermentation to be complete before the target filling date.  Past guidance suggests that bigger beers can take 17-18 days to fully ferment to final gravity.

Weekend of December 4/5, 2021
Target date for filling the barrel.  All beer should be finished fermenting primary and brought to Bill’s place in Torbay. Details for keg dropoff and barrel filling will be sent closer to the this date.

Key Dates For Emptying

TBD – Too far in the future yet.


This recipe is an adapted version of a Roggenbier recipe called JDS Roggenbier published by Craft Beer & Brewing.

As described on the Nitty Gritty Details page, the recipe has been scaled to a brewhouse efficiency of 70% and it targets 6 US gallons post-boil to allow for some volume loss during transfers, some hydrometer samples to be pulled, etc… Feel free to scale to your own system as required.


Post-Boil Volume6 US Gallons
Packaging Volume   5 US Gallons


8.5 lbsMaris Otter45.9%
8.5 lbsRye Malt45.9%
0.5 lbs      CaraMunich I   2.7%
0.5 lbsCrystal 120L2.7%
0.5 lbsChocolate Malt2.7%
1.0 lbRice HullsN/A


1.25 oz        Styrian Goldings [5.5% AA]Boil – 60 minutes [17.02 IBU]
1.25 ozStyrian Goldings [5.5% AA]Boil – 10 minutes [6.17 IBU]


Here’s where things get a little bit wild. The recipe recommends either a hefeweizen yeast, or a bavarian lager yeast. So you can feel free to take your pick, and we’ll mix it all together in the barrel and let it work it’s magic. Some recommendations are:

  • Fermentis Safale Wheat Beer Yeast WB-06
  • Lallemand LalBrew Munich Classic Wheat Beer Yeast
  • Mangrove Jack’s M76 Bavarian Lager Yeast


  • Mash at 152F for 60 minutes
    • Be sure to use some rice hulls in your mash! Rye is a huskless grain and can be very sticky, which can lead to a stuck lauter, and that’ll put a frown on your face on brewday, and nobody wants that.
  • Ferment at:
    • For Wheat Yeast: 63F
    • For Lager Yeast: 51F
    • The Beer & Brewing recipe has some recommendations on temperature ramps if you have fermentation temperature control, feel free to follow the recommendations as you see fit.


Recipe on Brewer’s Friend