The first fill for the Newfermenters Barrel Project Cabernet Sauvignon red wine barrel is a Bière de Garde and was filled in mid August, 2020. It will come out of the barrel in early December, 2021.

Multiple tasters have noted that this beer has developed some pleasant, mildly funky brettanomyces notes. We are in the process of having some samples plated to confirm for sure. In the meantime, just to be safe, in order to avoid any unwanted cross-contamination with your other brewing, you should be extra thorough when cleaning and sanitizing any equipment that comes into contact with the finished beer after it’s removed from the barrel.

Key Dates For Filling

Friday, June 5, 2020
Payment of $26 per participant to be submitted to to secure a spot in the barrel.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Approximately the last day to start fermenting and expect primary fermentation to be complete before the target filling date.  Guidance from Mike at Boomstick is that a big beer like this can to take 17-18 days to fully ferment to final gravity.

Weekend of July 11/12, 2020
Target date for filling red wine barrel.  All beer should be finished fermenting primary and brought to Bill’s place in Torbay. Specifics on how dropoff and fill day will go may depend on provincial COVID regulations and will be sent out closer to the actual date.

August 15, 2020
Actual date beer went into the barrel.

Key Dates For Emptying

Weekend of December 4/5, 2021
Empty keg must be dropped off at Bill’s place in Torbay to be filled with aged beer prior to this weekend. Full kegs can be picked up from the same place after this date.


This recipe is an adapted version of a Bière de Garde recipe called Summer Cellar Bière de Garde published by Craft Beer & Brewing.

Enough candi syrup and K-97 yeast was ordered for all participants at Brew Craft in St. John’s and can be picked up there whenever participants are ready for it.

As described on the Nitty Gritty Details page, the recipe has been scaled to a brewhouse efficiency of 70% and it targets 6 US gallons post-boil to allow for some volume loss during transfers, some hydrometer samples to be pulled, etc… Feel free to scale to your own system as required.


Post-Boil Volume6 US Gallons
Packaging Volume5 US Gallons


8.00 lbs2-Row41.6%
3.75 lbsMunich19.5%
3.75 lbsWheat Malt19.5%
1.25 lbs      Vienna6.5%
0.75 lbCrystal 30L3.9%
0.75 lbVictory3.9%
1.00 lb**Golden Candi Syrup (5L)5.2%

**Added to boil kettle at flameout.


3.00 ozHallertau [4.5% AA]Boil – 30 minutes [31.01 IBU]
1.25 ozHallertau [4.5% AA]Boil – 0 minutes [0 IBU]
1.25 ozFuggles [4.5% AA] Boil – 0 minutes [0 IBU]


Fermentis Safale German Ale Yeast K-97


  • Mash at 150F for 60 minutes
  • Ferment at 60F


Recipe on Brewer’s Friend