Water Profiles

The Government of Newfoundland publishes water reports for all communities in the province on their website. These reports can be used as a starting point for adjusting your brewing water. The link to the Water Resources Portal is at the bottom of this section.

On that page, under the “Community Water Resources Reports” section, select your community from the list and select “View Community Reports”. There are two relevant reports to review on the following page for your specific community: “Tap Water Nutrients and Metals” and “Tap Water Physical Parameters and Major Ions”.

Note that some communities, such as St. John’s, have multiple water supplies. The tree on the left hand side of the report can be expanded in these cases to show links to jump directly to the section of the report for each of the water supplies in a community’s report.

Newfoundland and Labrador Water Resources Portal

Water Treatment

Water can be treated with any number of things, such as ozone, chlorine, or chloramines. Chlorine and chloramines in particular can impart off-flavours in the brewing process. Depending on what your water is treated with, the process to remove the treatment from the water may differ.

The following link lists for each water supply on the island what kind of treatment is applied.

Public Water Supplies List

St. John’s Water Supplies

St. John’s and Mount Pearl are supplied by three different major water supplies, and depending on where you live, your water may be coming from any of the three of them.

The following is a slightly dated report (February 2016) which contains a map of which areas of St. John’s are supplied by which water supply. The map is “Figure 5.2: Existing Service Areas” and can be found on page 48 of the report. (Page 57 of the PDF.)

If anyone is aware of a more recent version of this map, please shoot us an e-mail to let us know where it can be found.

St. John’s Regional Drinking Water Study