Newfermenters is Newfoundland and Labrador’s local homebrewing club.

We host events that span the whole range of educational through fun.  (And hopefully frequently both!)  For example, learn to brew sessions, off flavour seminars, deep dives into topics like water chemistry, and general get togethers where you can talk brewing with like minded folks in a casual, fun setting.

We arrange bottle swaps and brew tastings where you can get feedback and suggestions on brews you’ve created, and sharpen your palate comparing notes with other brewers.  We even cap off the year with a homebrew advent calendar.

We also host competitions where you can get focused feedback and flex your brewing chops.  And if we aren’t hosting something you’re looking for, there’s often folks looking to arrange group shipping to competitions all over the country.

Our Facebook group is our main discussion forum. There you’ll find lively discussions with over 1200 local brewers at all skill levels from beginners to industry professionals. Stop by and ask a question, answer a question, share what you’re up to, or check out what’s brewing for some inspiration for your next brew!

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