Good Evening!

Big announcement coming at you from the QVxNF front. We’re announcing the competition for the 2022 season! We’re going to change things up this year and we’re going to make it a little different. We’re moving away from a more BJCP category judging and we’re going to let you colour a little more creatively with your brews.

The 4 categories you can enter in are:

  1. Clean and Crisp – This is for your crispy bois! The Pilsners the Kölsch’s the cream ales the helles bock, you know.. the crispy bois!
  2. Hoppy – This is for you hop heads the brewers who put the bitter before all. The calm tom-a-holics. This is going to be anything from a NEIPA to a Double Dry Hopped West Coast and everything in between. If it has hop character, you can enter it here.
  3. Sour – Pucker up with this category. We want you sours in any way shape or form. If the PH has punch, then this is where you want to be. From a tasty Berliner to a fruit forward sour whatever you can make.
  4. Wild Card – This is where you can enter anything you want that doesn’t fit the first 3 categories. Got a dry hopped doppelbock you want us to taste? How about a Belgian Quad with raspberries? You can throw it all on the line and enter the wildcard category.

Next, we’re going to allow for multiple entries in categories this year. So, if you have what it takes you can enter all 4! (As a homebrewer who has entered 4 beers in a competition before this is a daunting task and not for the feint of heart.) *Key the montage*

We’re also holding a meet and greet / information session at the QV Taproom March 12th at 10:00am. I’ll be there with cool guy Nate and some of the Newfermenters team to take questions and any concerns you have. This meeting isn’t mandatory, but we think you should come along and be part of the ever-growing homebrewing community. I’ll try not to force too much homebrew on anyone while you’re there. If you can’t make but you want to attend, we’re going to stream the event live on FB and you’ll be able to ask questions from the comfort of your own home. #Technology

A few things I’ll mention here before we go on about dates and such. Ingredients are so important for entries. If we can’t source it we can’t brew it. This goes from the super rare expensive New Zealand hops to the 3 lbs of spruce tips and some old man’s beard. But if you want to volunteer as our personal forager, I might change my mind. Tinctures are tricky as well, we’re not allowed to use alcohol in the brewing of alcohol. Bourbon-soaked wood chips, also on the chopping block. The last thing we want is for you to brew and us not be able to make your creation. So if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Henry Hussey on Facebook and he’ll get the answer for you.

Also, if you can please use brown glass bottles or plastic PET. You don’t want your beer going skunky cause it was sunbathing too long in clear or green glass.

The current date for submission deadline is May 8th, 2022, and you’ll need to get a dozen beer to the QV Hops shop on Harborview Avenue. A few weeks after the deadline we’ll be having a little brew share / shin dig at the brewery, and we’ll have Nate there to review the beer with you to offer some words of advice or maybe he’ll ask you how you got so much peach in your peach lager. An announcement will come with a solid shin dig date post drop off depending on how long it takes to judge entries, etc… So brewers, keep your calendar open.

We’ll be posting an official registration link after the meet and greet event with a coles notes of the important information that will be stickied in the Newfermenters Facebook group.