QVxNF is back! We are happy to announce QVxNF 4.0 -the fourth annual edition of this brewing contest collaboration.

For those of you joining us for the first time, QVxNF is a collab between brewers and artists. Quidi Vidi Brewery hosts a brewing competition and invites any Newfermenters member (Or team of members!) to design, brew, and submit a beer. QV partners up with local artists to design the cans, and a fresh 4-packfeaturing the winners of QVxNF 4 will be released in January 2022 for everyone to enjoy.

Last year, Quidi Vidi produced a total of 320 hectolitres for the collaboration brews -that’s over 16,000 cans of each winning entry! As of the writing of this blurb, last year’s 4-pack is available in at least 20 NLC locations in all corners of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Marie’s and other convenience stores province-wide. You may be familiar with Quidi Vidi’s Iron Cherry Sour and Half Nelson, but did you know both were originally QVxNF winners? This competition is your chance to show the province your beer making chops.

After judging is complete, there’s a bottle share and meet and greet at the Quidi Vidi taproom, Public Health guidelines permitting of course. All the entries will be available to sample, and each entrant will get a chance to meet with the judges and discuss their beer and the judges’ feedback on it. All entrants are encouraged to join in; it’s been a lot of fun every year so far! Be sure to arrange a ride though.

Winners to be announced shortly after the event.

Good luck and good brewing!


Registration is online: https://qvxnf.newfermenters.ca


Submission Deadline – May 2, 2021

Bottle Share – May 15, 2021 1:00 PM


Choice of beer style is entirely open and submitted beers need not strictly adhere to any style guidelines.

Submitted beer are professionally judged by Quidi Vidi’s brewing team using BJCP scoring methods. You should know, though, that winning beer are chosen by QV’s brewing team based on more than just the BJCP score: the recipe must be producible on both their pilot and full-scale systems, and be something that their customers might want to try, plus whatever other factors they may include.

Entrants must submit the following:

  • 12 x 341ml bottles*
  • Completed recipe form**

Recipe form can be downloaded here:

QVxNF Recipe Form

*PET, 500ml, swing-tops, etc… are acceptable. Bottles will not be returned to entrants.

**Collection of recipes is strictly used by Quidi Vidi Brewery to ensure entries can be recreated on the larger scale of their brewhouse.


Please refrain from using ingredients that are not readily available in mass quantities. Some fruits, hops, or foraged goods are fantastic in beer, but we are unable to procure. If you have any questions about sourcing ingredients that you’re interested in, please feel free to ask. But use discretion as we can 100% get mosaic hops.

Our system is a single infusion 2-vessel system. Step-mashing and decoction mashes cannot be effectively reproduced.


Quidi Vidi Hops Shop
16 Harbourview Avenue, St. John’s

Dropoffs Open – April 24, 2021

Submission Deadline – May 2, 2021

Check Quid Vidi’s website for the current business hours during the drop off period:


Mailed entries will be accepted but all entries must be received by the submission deadline. If you are planning to mail your entry be sure to account for transit time.

Please contact the Newfermenters Admin Team at the e-mail address below to arrange specific shipping details.


If you have any questions,please feel free to reach out and let us know.

Newfermenters Admin Team

Contest Coordinator at Quidi Vidi Brewery