By popular demand and with the help of Darren Dawe, Bill Burton, and the folks at Living Planet and Jym Line, Newfermenters is pleased to offer merchandise utilizing the new gold/red/blue logo. Options are a baseball T-shirt, a fleece hoodie, and pint glasses.

All merch will be sold on a pre-order basis only. We need to sell at least 12 of each of the shirts and hoodies to go forward with an order. The minimum glass order is 72 units, so put in your orders and lets hope we hit the minimum.

Orders close August 30, 2019. Delivery should be approx 4-6 weeks after that date depending on product. We’ll figure out a pickup date/time when we get closer to having the order in hand.

To purchase an item, email the following details to

  • Your name
  • Items identifier(s), size(s), and quantity(ies)
  • Your preferred e-mail / phone contact info

Once we are certain that minimums have been met, you will receive an email back confirming the order and giving you a total and password to use for the e-transfer. Then, e-transfer the payment to the Newfermenters gmail account. Deadline for payment will be September 6, 2019.

The merch is:

  • Baseball shirt, white with blue sleeves, 10.5 oz. Raglan (tailored) hem line.
    • Sizing information can be found here.
    • Price: $28 for S-XL, $30 for 2XL+
  • Gildan 13.5 oz Hoodie in Royal Blue.
    • Sizing information can be found here.
    • Price: $37 for S-XL, $39 for 2XL+
  • Pint glass, standard 16 oz “Irish” shape.
    • Some details for the nerds in the room can be found here.
    • Price: $15

Questions? Head over to our Contact Page and drop us a line.