The Middle of Nowhere Homebrew Club has challenged Newfermenters to a Homebrew Duel!

Duel Rules

  1. Judging to take place February 20, 2021 at a location in both Labrador West and St. John’s.
  2. This will be a BJCP style competition with 5 Categories:
  3. Both teams will have to choose a recipe in each of those categories and decide how/who will brew it. (See the next section for how Newfermenters will make final beer selections.)
  4. Once all the beers are brewed and bottled, they will be labelled with a paper label held on to the bottle with an elastic band. Label will include homebrew club and beer style, no other information required.
  5. Both teams will ship at least 3 labelled bottles of each of their chosen beers to the other team.
  6. Both teams will find 3 judges to blindly judge all 10 beer, 5 from each team:
    • No one who was a brewer in the competition can judge.
    • The judges have to be kept in the dark as to who owns what beer, so bottles are to be unmarked when presented to the judges and brewer kept anonymous.
    • Judges can only be involved to judge, for no other purpose.
  7. The judges will judge the 2 beers in each category, back to back using BJCP methods. (Judges do not need to be BJCP certified, but do need to follow the scoresheets.)
  8. Once the scoresheets are complete, a representative from each club will tally the scores and the judges scores from each location will be averaged to get the overall score. Scoresheets will be scanned and provided back to the other team.

Winner takes all the glory! This is all in good fun and we hope for it to become an annual event, we can switch up the 5 beer categories every year.

Thanks to Newfermenters member Rob Kellar for suggesting the idea!

Newfermenters Pre-Competition

In order to choose the top Newfermenters brews that will go head to head with the entries from the Middle of Nowhere Club, we will be running a BJCP style competition in the five categories outlined above. The entry with the highest score in each category will advance to the final round.

Registration is available now:

Entrants must submit 6 bottles of each style they want to enter. Bottles should be free of all labels or identifying features, and should have only the labels printed from the competition website attached with a rubber band. Competition organizers will attach the labels described in the rules above for the final round.

Cost is $5.00 per entry, and there is a limit of one entry per category per participant. Entry fees can be paid via e-transfer to, or in cash when entries are dropped off.


Friday, January 29, 2021: Newfermenters Entry Dropoff Deadline

Sunday, February 7, 2021: Newfermenters Winners Announced

Saturday, February 20, 2021: Homebrew Duel Final Judging Round