To start out with, just a quick reminder that Advent Calendar drop offs are due to one of the designated locations by November 20th. Pickup to be available on the weekend of November 26th.

Full details and a current list of participants can be found in the advent calendar announcement on our Facebook page.

If for some reason you were confirmed to take part in the calendar but are unable to submit an entry, please send a message to one of the administrators as soon as possible.

Mainly, this form is to collect descriptions of beers for the calendar. If you haven’t participated in previous years, every day the admin team will make a post which reveals what that days beer is, and calendar drinkers talk about it in the comments. That post typically contains a short description of the beer written by the brewer, which you, the brewer, can submit here.

Your description can be as detailed or as short as you like. For some examples of descriptions that were submitted in the past, check out the Advent Calendar 2019 or Advent Calendar 2020 post topics on our Facebook group.