It’s that time of the year! Time to think about eggnog and snowstorms. Christmas trees and candy canes. And everyone’s favourite Christmas movie, “Die Hard” (don’t @ me).

All that to say – Newfermenters 6th Annual Advent Beer Calendar is a go! Drop offs / pickups will be at the usual locations: Steve’s in CBS, Bill’s in Torbay, Craig’s in Dannyland…I mean Galway, Alex’s in central St. John’s, and Andrew’s place in Portugal Cove (drop off locations subject to confirmation).

What is the Newfermenters Advent Calendar?

The Newfermenters Advent Calendar is a two-dozen beer swapbox. That is, to participate, you sign up below, contribute 24 of your own beer by the deadline (using reusable outer packaging, please), and in return get back an Advent calendar of the two dozen mixed/randomized beer. It’s a pile of fun. Last year we had so much interest we did two separate calendars.

Style of beer is completely, 100% open. Do whatever you want. As one of my friends tells her kids, “Go mad!”

Please use 341 ml bottles though.

There is a daily post about the day’s beer, and all participants are free to join in to chat about it. You’ll be asked for a description.

The daily beer threads are posted by one of the admin team, to allow you to be as anonymous as you want to be.

What Are The Key Dates?

November 20th – Drop offs are due

November 26th – Pickup begins

But What If I’m A new Brewer, or I brew kits, or <insert your worrisome reason here>

All group members are welcome to participate, no matter if it’s your 1st or 1000th brew, whether you do beer kits, partial mash, or all grain. The point of this is to exchange your beer with fellow brewers and enjoy the daily discussion about the day’s beer. Guaranteed you’ll learn something and have a beer you haven’t had before, or your money back.

You can see previous year’s posts here



This is sweet! I’m in!

Head on over to the Facebook announcement post, leave a comment, and we’ll add you to the list!